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Click HERE to view Seelie's Pedigree

Also see his sire "Codie's page and dam "Kenna's page.

"Seelie" is from our first litter born here under the Chilco prefix. He is co-bred/co-owned with Lonna Fisher of Sunflower Kennels and co-owned with Naida Higbie. He was a stand out in the litter right from the beginning. It soon became obvious that he was also a long coat (the only one in the whole litter), but with his amazing personality and stunning looks, it was clear he was here to stay.

Seelie's registered name came from his coat of course, but the spelling of his call name has changed several times. Starting out as Sealie, but realizing it should be spelled Seeley (for the character his call name is after), it reached a middle ground with Seelie. Seelie also has several nick names, Great Big Sea and C Dawg are the two most common. Seelie is the ham of the litter, he loves to sit on people's feet so they can not go anywhere and have to pet him. He loves charging into the pet stores and heads straight to the checkout, where there is bound to be people who just need to see him. Seelie is a master at getting his own way and gets his stubbornness from his mother.

We made the decision to show Seelie, even though his long coat does give him a "minor" fault, as listed in the standard. He is constantly educating people on his long coat, judges included. On the 1st of June he blew us away at his Futurity going Best of Opposite Sex (a huge thank you to Leslee Innes - Maxcell Kennels for handling him for us). We look forward to showing more of him to people in 2015.

As of October 2014, it is now Champion pointed Seelie. Seelie picks up two reserve winners dog placements and a Winners dog! Thank you to his handler Richelle Nelson!!!

Seelie picks up two more Winners Dog placings on the weekend of June 5-8th, 2015 and picks up a few more points towards his Championship!! On June 7th, 2015 Seelie goes BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX in MATURITY!!! Thank you to his handler Mandy Katherine for piloting Seelie to all his victories this weekend.
Seelie shows at EKC and goes Winners Dog all weekend long, unfortunately he was the only class male entered all weekend. Although he received several nice compliments from the judges (and was loved by many spectators), they could not get past his flowing locks. He congratulates his sister "Stamp" on taking the points 3 out of the 4 days though (keeping it all in the family). Seelie is pictured below at EKC.

Seelie was shown 3 weekends this year, 2016, and picked up another couple of points putting him over half way to his Championship. This year he was handled by Tammy Sawatzky. Look for our gorgeous long coat to continue working towards his Championship next year. Here is a photo of Seelie in the ring this fall.

Below are some stacked photos of Seelie through his 2 years (Seelie was born May 17, 2013).

Below are some movement shots of Seelie in the Futurity ring (Teenage Male), he turned a year old 2 weeks before this show.

Below are some movement shots of Seelie (gaiting on some of his weekend runs) through out his two years.

Seelie gaiting away, "Good bye" for now! Thank you for stopping by.


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